CPA Outsource

Jocelyne E. Pierre CPA is available to other CPA's and small business owners  who want to outsource their bookkeeping and payroll services.  Use the experience of a CPA for less than the price of a bookkeeper.

Our bookkeeping services comprise the following:

  • Financial Statements and Reports
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Year End review
  • Data Entry
  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll Processing

Auditing Services in Ridgewood, New York

Benefit from the experienced auditing services offered by Jocelyne E. Pierre CPA, in Ridgewood, New York. Your auditing solution
begins here.  Our approach is based on understanding your needs and then designing an audit around your business and industry.
We specialize in Not-For-Profit auditing and give our clients the guidance they need to handle their accounting and Not-For-Profit taxes.

Compilation in Ridgewood, New York

Have your financial statements flawlessly compiled, based on data provided by management.

Tax Services in Ridgewood, New York

Our tax preparation services serve as  management consultation where we provide our clients the resource they need to better manage their finances and resulting in cost reduction and  tax savings.

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Payroll Services in Ridgewood, New York

Businesses rely on our professional services to handle their payroll calculation, payroll processings, and bookkeeping.
Additionally, we file our client payroll taxes.

RPIE filing in Ridgewood, New York

Real property owners count on our experience in real property accounting to handle their bookkeeping, taxes and RPIE filing.

We are a resource center for small business management, accounting and tax services including but not limited to:

• Payroll Taxes
• Personal Income Taxes
• Corporate Income Taxes
• Sales Taxes

 RPIE Filing
• Not-for-Profit Taxes

Contact us today at (718) 628-0622 to discover more about Accounting Taxes
and Management LLC, a provider of accounting services in Ridgewood, New York.